Temple Fo Guang Shan
Costa Rica

Temple Fo Guang Shan has alot to offer. A place to stay, exercises for meditation, stretching and other improvements based on your health.

  • Curious about Buddism

  • Love for traveling

  • Cheap experiences

  • Have people around you

  • Share the best activities

  • Enjoy Costa Rica

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“An experience you will never forget”


Meditation is good for your health, receive peace in your mind. Every day there’s mediation in the Temple.

You’re free to join at any time you want. There are alot of professionals who’d love to give you tips on how to improve.

Every week there’s an session for beginners so you can start without any knowledge.


Our yoga excercises are made to connect the body and spirit, this is done by physically excercises and your breathing. It will make your body and mind relax and give you energy. It’s an confrontable feeling of relaxation.

It has alot of benefits such as relieving pain and injuries, fit, flexible and strong body, nutrition, sleep and overall health. The most important one is your health. The yoga is based on your body making your organs feel healthier. It reduces the chance on cancer or other diceases.

Outdoor activities

There are lots of places to go to in Costa Rica.

National parks, volcano’s, spring water, the beach and animals you’ve never seen before for example.

We’d love to give you advice where to go!

Or just take the easy road and book a tour with us. We know everything about the activities you could do in the area and we’ll take care of the transportation aswell.

Temple Fo Guang Shan


Temple Fo Guang Shan cares about your health.

Meaning you’ll be able to participate to different excercises listed above.
There’s only vegetarian/vegan food in the temple.

At the accommodation you’re able to rent just a bed or room itself.
One room has 3-4 beds, perfect for families or travelers who’d love to meet kind-hearted people.

If you’re overstaying with us, you’ll have free acces to the temple, showers, washingmachines, dryers and toilets.

The monk is always available to talk to. He can give you some great, inspirational, spiritual advices in life.

If you prefer any other options you can always contact us.

Ask us anything

If you’d like some more information or have any other questions, we’d be happy to help you.

Just fill in the form and we’ll be in contact very soon.